Clarity: Good PM, Bad PM

I decided to kick off this blog with a timeless piece rather than a more current piece of content:

Ben Horowitz‘s legendary Good Product Manager, Bad Product Manager article.

Amazingly, though written 18(!) years ago, it still holds true and a must read for any Product Manager.

Patrick Lencioni makes a very strong case in The Advantage (which probably merits its own blog post) for overcommunicating and reinforcing clarity in the organization. In my mind, one of things that makes this piece timeless is that it focuses exactly on that – driving clarity, specifically role clarity in this case, and specifically through focusing on good vs. bad behaviors.  Values and other more abstract concepts are important, but in the end of the day, if they’re not broken down into a concrete set of behaviors, they lost a lot of their power.

What is your favorite clarity reinforcing piece?

Clarity: Good PM, Bad PM

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