Goldilocks Management

Dustin Moskovitz and the folks at Asana have created some great pieces of thought leadership on org design which should merit a post on this blog. I want to spend this one on one of my favorites: 

Goldilocks Management

The gits: the traditional, hierarchical, command-and-control approach to management clearly doesn’t make a lot of sense in the modern work environment. But the allergic reaction of swinging the pendulum all the way to the other extreme and eliminating management altogether (a-la Valve Handbook) clearly doesn’t work either. Instead, Moskovitz proposes the following approach: aim to distribute decision-making authority as much as possible to the relevant domain experts. Management still plays two key roles: 

  • Backstop for all decisions – filling in the whitespace where decision authority is unclear 
  • Drive and guide employee’s personal growth through mentorship

What do you think: should the pendulum start swinging more in this direction? what’s still missing? 

Goldilocks Management

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