Speed in Software Development

As promised, something completely different.

Michael Dubakov, founder of TargetProcess wrote a pretty thoughtful post a couple of months ago called: Speed in Software Development.

It starts with a debate about sustainable development speed and a neat idea about structuring iterations more like interval training. But the part that I really liked is his bold attempt to map out the interactions between all the factors that ultimately affect development speed:


It’s followed by a thoughtful discussion of the different factors and some actionable ideas on how to address them.

I think Michael can potentially be on to something very interesting here, but it also left me with two big, unanswered questions which I’ll address to you:

1. Is development speed really the ultimate goal/metric? Michael incorporated into his framework some of the typical contenders like quality, complexity, tech debt, etc. But is it really as simple as that?

2. How can it best be measured in a way that’ll encourage the right set of behaviors?


Speed in Software Development

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