Paid, Paid Vacation

Ran into this little gem by Bart Lorang (CEO of Full Contact):

Paid Vacation? That’s Not Cool. You Know What’s Cool? Paid, PAID Vacation

The gist: At Full Contact, Bart gives each employee that goes on a real vacation (must disconnect, can’t work on vacation) an extra $7,500 .

In the US, and especially in Tech, employees are often reluctant to go on vacation due to a combination of the hero syndrome and the costs of a nice vacation.

This is bad for them and bad for the company: burned out employees, natural creation of single point of failure, etc.

So Bart created a REAL incentive to go on a REAL vacation.

I’ve found the connection that he draws between an informal “no vacation” culture and the formation of single points of failure particularly interesting. The opposite connection, between a “full vacation” culture and other activities that improve the company (empowering direct reports to make more decisions, better code documentation, better knowledge mgmt, etc.) is even more powerful.

It’s a real problem with a substantial down-side, but also a missed up-side. I’m excited to see some creative innovation in addressing it by trying to get the incentive structure right.

What innovative solutions does your company use to address this issue?


Paid, Paid Vacation

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