The Bezos BI Interview

Henry Blodget did a very good job interviewing Jeff Bezos a few weeks ago:

The Jeff Bezos BI Interview

They covered so many topics: the stock price and dealing with Wall Street, retaining employees, the Amazon Fire Phone, the role of the CEO, being a dad, drones, space flight – the list goes on and on and it’s impossible to summarize this interview in a single paragraph.

Instead, I want to call out a few things that left me really impressed with Jeff Bezos:

  • As a business leader – the relentless focus on delighting the customer and operations efficiency. Just count the number of times these came up in the interview and you’ll get a sense of how deeply those two are ingrained in the culture the Bezos built at Amazon
  • As a person – the humility: giving credit when credit is due, being thankful for the luck he had in life and the other things that were out of his control, and maintaining and amazing conviction in the Amazon Way, while being explicit that it is not THE one and only way.

His far-from-perfect communication style creates such a strange illusion or normalcy which stands in such a contrast to all the amazing things he’s done.

Definitely worth re-watching every once in a while a keep in mind as you shape your own personal leadership style.


The Bezos BI Interview

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