The Three Types of Clarity

I saw an old version of this great piece of thought leadership by Justin Rosenstein a while a go, but for some reason did not add it to my blog backlog. It’s time to rectify that:

The Key Habits of Highly Effective Teams

In this long(er)-form version of an Asana blog post, Justin adds more color on how to establish the three types of clarity needed for creating a highly effective team:

  1. Clarity of Purpose – Having everybody on the same page about the “why?” – “if we’re wildly successful, how would the world be different?”
  2. Clarity of Plan – This is all about “how” of accomplishing this vision. From the strategic principles through measurable key results to the projects that aim to move the needle on each of them.
  3. Clarity of Responsibility – This is the one that often doesn’t get as much attention as it should and pertains to the “who” – “Clarity of responsibility ensures that one person holds ultimate responsibility for each piece of the plan”. Areas of Responsibility (AoR) which I’ve covered before, can be a very powerful enabler of this type of clarity.
The Three Types of Clarity

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