Henrik Kinberg‘s seminal work at Spotify has made real waves in the community when Scaling Agile at Spotify started making the rounds. More recently, Henrik put out these two videos outlining the key components of Spotify’s engineering culture:

Spotify Engineering Culture – Part 1

Spotify Engineering culture – Part 2

The thing I found most impressing about these videos is the connection between the high level, abstract culture, and the more pragmatic set of business practices that it was broken down to.

As Henrik mentions in a different post, there is no right or wrong answer here. Every cultural decision has a trade-off built into it:


What’s really unique about the Spotify case, is the way they acknowledge and own up to the trade-offs that their culture embodies, and fully align their business processes with it. This tight alignment between culture and process/structure is rare, and in my opinion, one of the key ingredients in what makes Spotify so successful.


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