Work Rules! (book review)

I recently finished reading Laszlo Bock‘s (Google’s SVP of People Operations) book:

Work Rules!

In a nutshell, it’s about 70% one of the best People Operations books that you’ll ever read, and 30% a healthy overdose of the Google Kool-Aid. The former makes the latter completely worthwhile.

My two biggest takeaways:

  1. The  impact of the rigorous scientific, data-driven approach to figuring out the answers for some of the biggest people questions, like “do we really need managers?”, for example. Often times coming out with an answer that’s very different from the common wisdom.  Yes, every organization and company are different. But they are more similar than we think. Starting from a “tried and true” blueprint and then modifying it to the unique aspects of your organization, is a much better strategy than reinventing the whole thing from scratch. And to that end, the Google blueprint is a much better starting point than many of the more traditional HR practices.
  2. The impact of a people operations system that’s tied to a coherent set of overarching principles. This one is really hard to grok without reading the book, but being the visual thinker that I am, I tried to distill it into a mind-map, primarily for my own benefit, but others may find it useful as well:



Work Rules! (book review)

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