The Cultural Manifesto

A recent piece by First Round Review recaps a talk Kevin Scott, LinkedIn’s SVP of Engineering and Operations gave at their recent CTO Summit:

How I Structured Engineering Teams at AdMob and LinkedIn for Success

There are many good nuggets of content in the piece, but at its core is an artifact referred to as the Cultural Manifesto: “a document or a set of materials to help your entire engineering team get on the same page about how you make and operate things, and how you function as a team”.

Not surprisingly, it has three main sections covering the organization concrete, documented opinions in three main areas:

  1. How we make things – code reviews, branching, deploying code, enabling features, etc.
  2. How we operate things – monitoring & alerting, production access, data integrity, etc.
  3. How we function as a team – role of engineering, culture and values, conflict resolution, etc.

cultural manifesto


It’s a phenomenal starting-point checklist to go through. If you don’t have a concrete, documented opinion on one of these line items – you probably should.

“Don’t let your CFO start capitalizing R&D labor” is my own personal favorite 🙂

The Cultural Manifesto

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