Doctor, Hospital Administrator or Policy-Maker?

I’ll keep this one short and sweet.

Aaron Hurst at Imperative wrote a very thoughtful post a few weeks back that I keep coming back to:

The Important Career Decision Most People Get Wrong

He argues that lack of clarity on the scope in which people are interested in making an impact, is a significant driver of job dissatisfaction and churn. He illustrates it with an example from the healthcare space: becoming a doctor, a hospital administrator or a healthcare policy-maker are all ways to drive positive change in the healthcare space, but in very different scopes. Each one of those represents implicit trade-offs around the control over, as well as the speed and tangibility of the change you may seek to have. Different people who are motivated by the opportunity to move healthcare forward, may vary in their preferences on those implicit trade-offs. Unawareness of those personal preferences, may lead them to pursue career opportunities that while promoting the cause they care about will still lead to job dissatisfaction.

I’ll conclude with the same question Aaron chose to conclude his post with: which one are you?

Doctor, Hospital Administrator or Policy-Maker?

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