Technology-enabled Blitzscaling

Stanford University continues it’s now long-standing tradition of inviting prominent tech leaders to teach an elective at the school.

The most recent example is a class with the odd name “Technology-enabled Blitzscaling” taught by Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn, Greylock Venturers), John Lilly (Mozilla, Greylock Ventures), Chris Yeh (PBworks, Wasabi Ventures) and Allen Blue.

The class focuses on the unique challenges and dynamics of the “hyper growth” stage of start-ups conveyed primarily through 1:1 interviews with other leading tech execs such as Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn), Marissa Mayer (Yahoo), Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos) Eric Schmidt (Google), Brian Cheskey (AirBnB) and many others.

Chris McCann, playing a key role in facilitating the class, took scrupulous notes of each session and posted them on Medium, creating a unique and high quality repository of some of the latest thinking by some of the smartest leaders in the industry, on the topic of hyper-growth:

Notes Essays —CS183C: Technology-enabled Blitzscaling — Stanford University, Fall 2015

Technology-enabled Blitzscaling

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