FLOX Teams

FLOX is a lightweight framework for running self-organizing teams from the folks at NOBL. It’s quite compelling in its simplicity, consisting only of 2 “habits” and 4 “rules”.


  1. Flocking – A  kick-off session where the team co-create their own “FlightPath” – the strategies, structures and systems to do their work. Guidelines for running a “Flocking” session can be found here.
  2. Steering – A monthly session in which the team reflects on past outcomes and sets new goals. This discussion results in a clear plan of action and refreshed “FlightPath” that continues to guide the team.Guidelines for running “Steering” session can be found here.


#1 Steer toward your customer – serve the needs of an external or internal customer:

  • Identify your team’s customer
  • Assess their unmet and emerging needs
  • Plot a strategic direction
  • Test and respond to change

#2 Steer toward alignment – foster effective cross-communication and collaboration:

  • Diagnose internal misalignment
  • Increase the flow of information
  • Codify and consent-based decision-making model
  • Establish healthy interpersonal rituals

#3 Steer toward autonomy – empower safe-to-fail risk-taking without interference:

  • Grow cross-functionally
  • Define your test-and-learn process
  • Hone your rapid prototyping skills
  • Budget responsively

#4 Steer toward simplicity – reduce and resist unnecessary complexity:

  • Learn to recognize complexity
  • Approach complex problems differently
  • Resist increasing complexity as you scale
  • Periodically test-and-learn to reduce internal complexity

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