Personal Growth Work

Short and sweet piece by Poornima Vijayashanker:

Why we struggle to set aside time for Personal Growth work

Poornima starts by listing out some of the common excuses, calling out “not enough time” as the major scapegoat. She then explore a couple of more “real” reasons:

The first, is an organizational view that views training time as a luxury.

The second, is a personal tendency to choose grunt work over growth work.

While I find the structure of the piece a bit odd, I really like the powerful distinction that Poornima creates between “grunt work” and “growth work”. Even though conceptionally it’s not that different from Dan Pink’s “algorithmic work” and “creative work”, I think Poornima’s terms are more accessible and more likely to motivate people to take a more inquisitive look at the way in which they spend their time at work, and hopefully take subsequent action to alter the status quo.

Personal Growth Work

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