Just Like Me [ Delizonna]

Psychological safety is a hot-button topic these days, that’s been getting a lot of attention, at least in my circles.

There’s a growing understanding of what psychological safety is, and its importance in enabling high-performing teams, but there are very few good resources that are able to offer some concrete advice on practices that promote it.

Laura Delizonna’s recent HBR piece is a rare exception which offers some concrete tangible advice:

High Performing Teams Need Psychological Safety. Here’s How to Create It.

Of the six pieces of advice she lists in the piece, the one that really struck a cord with me is a beautifully simple reflection exercise that she credits Paul Santagata, Head of Industry at Google with using, in which participants are asked to consider the following statements:

  • This person has beliefs, perspectives, and opinions, just like me.
  • This person has hopes, anxieties, and vulnerabilities, just like me.
  • This person has friends, family, and perhaps children who love them, just like me.
  • This person wants to feel respected, appreciated, and competent, just like me.
  • This person wishes for peace, joy, and happiness, just like me.

I honestly can’t wait to try a simple variation of it in one of my upcoming meetings.

Just Like Me [ Delizonna]

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