BICEPS [Medina]


BICEPS is a human social behavior model developed by Paloma Medina. Similar to SCARF it applies an evolutionary lens to understanding human social behavior. BICEPS argues that 6 core needs are at the heart of human social behavior. Most behavior is then done in pursuit of those needs, and when threaten a fight-freeze-flight response is triggered.

It can therefore be used in:

  • Designing social interactions to minimize threat/triggers
  • Managing interaction effectively when they take place. For example, by self-reflection, identification of the “threat”, and choosing response over reaction.
  • Reflecting/retrospecting on an interaction to identify what may have led to a sub-optimal outcome.

As opposed to SCARF, Medina open-sourced BICPES under the Creative Commons license. She’s also

BICPES stands for: 

  • Belonging (SCARF: Relatedness) — community, community well-being, connection
  • Improvement/Progress — progress towards purpose, improving the lives of others, personal growth
  • Choice (SCARF: Autonomy) — choice, autonomy, decision-making
  • Equality/Fairness (SCARF: Fairness) — access to resources, access to information, equal reciprocity, fair decisions
  • Predictability (SCARF: Uncertainty) — resources, time, future challenges, direction
  • Status (SCARF: Status) — status, visibility, recognition
BICEPS [Medina]

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