Live in Greatness protocols [McCarthy]

Human interaction is hardly ever easy, and often times just a bit of pre-defined structure can go along way in helping us get our needs met.

Almost a decade ago Jim and Michele McCarthy developed a set of such structures, which they branded as:

The Core Protocols

The core protocols are a set of conversations structures, or scaffolding, aimed at helping us get on the right foot in having some of the most important and frequent personal interactions in our teams:

  • Check in (begin meetings)
  • Check out (end meetings)
  • Pass (declining to participate in something)
  • Ask for help
  • Protocol check
  • Intention check
  • Decider
  • Resolution
  • Perfection game (iterating on a proposal/idea)
  • Personal alignment (self-reflection)
  • Investigate (understanding someone else’s behavior)

They are incredibly helpful starting points for some of our most common interactions.

Live in Greatness protocols [McCarthy]

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