The Digital Productivity Pyramid [Forte]

Source: Praxis

I’ve been keeping tabs on Tiago Forte’s work over the years. I believe he’s one of the deeper thinkers in the field of personal knowledge management and productivity, and it’s been interesting to see his thinking evolving over the years.

More recently, he published:

The Digital Productivity Pyramid

An effort to organize much of his thinking into a coherent framework.

4 core principles underly the pyramid:

  1. Learning is non-linear: but more of a spiral staircase. Each level reflects a more advanced level of mastery of the same core skills.
  2. Each level is a combination of skills + technologies: the latter augment and extend the former.
  3. Each level emerges from the one below it, extending or abstracting the same principles.
  4. Information flow is captured in the order of the blocks in each level, flowing from left to right.

The pyramid consists of 5 levels:

  • Level 1: Digital fluency
  • Level 2: Task management and workflow
  • Level 3: Habit formation and behavior change
  • Level 4: Personal knowledge management
  • Level 5: Just-in-time project management

In the original post, each level is decomposed into its finer building blocks and linked to articles that more fully elaborate them.

Certainly worth checking out.

The Digital Productivity Pyramid [Forte]

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