The Radical Conversation Cycle [Tamerius]

The Radical Conversation Cycle (RCC) is a neat framework developed by Karin Tamerius and the Smart Politics org and meant to help us have more productive and persuasive conversations with people who disagree with us.

It is beautifully illustrated by this nifty interactive conversation simulation:

How to Have a Conversation With Your Angry Uncle Over the Holidays

RCC is a 5-step cycle:

  1. Ask: Ask open-ended questions. Be curious about how the other person developed their beliefs. Spend more time asking questions than making statements.
  2. Listen: Pay very close attention. Listen to understand, not to respond. Try to hear the values and emotions being expressed as well as the words.
  3. Reflect: Paraphrase what you heard. Name the emotions and values expressed as well as the words. Once the other person feels heard and understood, you can move on to the next step.
  4. Agree: Express agreement with one or more things the other person said. It’s usually easiest to agree on values, goals, and emotions.
  5. Share: Present your point of view. In general, sharing a personal story is the most memorable and persuasive way to communicate your perspective.
The Radical Conversation Cycle [Tamerius]

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