A deliberate, short hiatus

I published the first “Hello World” on OrgHacking.com on May 19th, 2014. I quickly settled on a 1 post/week cadence and was able to sustain it for more than 5 years and 275 posts with a little bit of planning and thoughtful queuing. 

Sometimes I had several posts already lined up in my head and writing just flowed, and sometimes I had to push myself to figure out what to write about next and then to sit down and write it. Regardless of what was going on inside my head or in my life at the time, I remained committed to the 1 post/week pace. 

This month I’m making a deliberate decision to do something different. 

When this post will get published, I will already be on an almost month-long adventure, backpacking the John Muir Trail. But this time around, I deliberately haven’t queued up anything for the weeks I’ll be away from civilization and with no internet connection 🙂

I’m excited to see what insights emerge from deliberately stopping (and observing), and remain committed to resume posting again in August.

See you soon,


A deliberate, short hiatus

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