A Manager’s Operating Rhythm [Santa Anna]

source: ajahne.github.io

I love operating rhythms. From the organizational to the individual, they help us balance the tactical and the strategic, the urgent and the important, by pre-allocating our time and deliberately carving out space for the things that we’re likely going to drop at the heat of the moment.

Ajahne Santa Anna’s post, Essential Meetings to Have With Your People as a Manager double-clicks on the downward portion of a manager’s operating rhythm.

Ajahne discerns between 5 types of meetings: 

  • “Regular” one-on-ones — To provide support, coaching, and candor that helps your direct report grow, succeed, and excel.
  • Skip-level meetings — To help your managers become better bosses, build a rapport with your teammates, and get organizational/team feedback to improve the work environment.
  • Career conversations — To further get to know your direct reports, learn their aspirations, and plan how to help them reach those dreams.
  • Goals review — To review your direct report’s current goals and ensure they are accurately tracking towards them.
  • Performance reviews — To improve your direct report’s performance.

For each meeting type, Ajahne defines the purpose, provides a more detailed overview, outlines the standard agenda and topics that are covered, and recommends appropriate frequency and length. Each meeting section also includes links to add’l resources that can help provide more clarity and help improve mastery of the particular format. 

While I have minor qualms with some of the frequencies, for the career convos and perf reviews, in particular, they do not take away from these definitions and schedule being a fantastic starting point that each manager should start with and customize/tweak to make it their own.  

A Manager’s Operating Rhythm [Santa Anna]

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