Skillshare’s operating rhythm [Cooper]

Continuing on a theme from a few weeks ago, a neat post by Matt Cooper, Skillshare’s CEO, on the company’s operating rhythm: 

How We Run Skillshare

I’ll be the first to admit that there’s nothing ground-breaking in this operating rhythm. Some may even say that it’s rather conservative/traditional. But I’ve seen almost identical rhythms, same “building blocks” slightly different cadences, emerge “the hard way” in multiple companies so hopefully, this can save up some and help avoid some “old mistakes” by serving as a starting point to iterate on. 

Matt’s post includes more detailed explanations on what each building block entails, as well as some of the nuances around using them that’s specific to Skillshare. 

The only thing that the post was really missing is a simple visual to see how all the different pieces of the puzzle fit together across the 4 cadences, so I went ahead and created one at the top of this post. 

Skillshare’s operating rhythm [Cooper]

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