Ego-centric vs. eco-centric networks

Less about your personal influence, more about our collective impact

I stumbled upon this wonderful gem by Christine Capra:

Network-ing Does Not Equal Network WEAVING

Christine makes a powerful distinction between two types of human networks: ego-centric networks and eco-centric networks. The key differences between the two are captured in the comparison table above, though the whole post is well worth the read. 

Similar to other distinctions, reality is a bit messier. Most of the networks that I’ve seen or been part of don’t squarely fit into the clear definition of either being an ego-centric network or an eco-centric network, but share some attributes of each. Though I can definitely tell whether they’re skewing more in one direction or the other. 

And here lies the true power of the distinction: as two paths, or directions if you will, that a human network can take. So it’s not about being one or the other but rather moving towards or away from one or the other. 

If I aspire to be part of the eco-centric network, the following question packs a lot of insight: 

In what ways can I/we move us to be more eco-centric and less ego-centric?

The table at the top of this post, offers some compelling areas to look at and focus on first. 

Ego-centric vs. eco-centric networks

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